How to write a technical and scientific short essay


In particular, the trace of the scientific-technical short essay focuses on issues relating to science and technology that are very close to themes that students have much experience, ranging from breaking inventions (including smartphones and ebook readers) to discoveries in astronomy, through the ecological themes, the relationship between science and society and the role of research.

As with any type of short essay, you’ll be given a dossier supplied: it is a set of documents, concerning the subject, as set out in the track, which you should read carefully and quote in your prepared to support or disprove your thesis. It will also be useful to get an idea of what you will need to talk. In most cases, the documents contained within the brief of the scientific-technical field essay dossier containing excerpts of newspaper articles and research studies.

The structure

The first thing you need to do as soon as you will be given your short essay of the technical-scientific field will read the track carefully. Then you can begin with the analysis of the documents in the file, remembering to emphasize what you believe to be most important and / or interesting. Once you read the different sources, you should have a good idea on the subject to be treated; you have to ask at this point is: “What do I think?” Tries to question you on what position you want to take and, then, select the sources that seem most useful to support your thesis. Similarly, even groups documents instead go against the thought; if you want to write your best essays, it should be structured as follows:

  1. Title

  2. Introduction and presentation of the argument

  3. Thesis: you will have to exert your thoughts about the proposed topic, corroborating it with quotations from documents that you were given together with the track

  4. Antithesis: then you will have to give way to the theses that are opposed to your thinking, so as to give the reader a clear and complete picture of the issue, offering different points of view

  5. Summary: Finally, always helping you with the documents in the file, you will need to restate your thesis, which must be as little as possible amenable to denials: strengthened by the collision with the antithesis, which will come out the winner, your thinking will be to such convincing as to appear impregnable

  6. Conclusion

Once you locate the central argument of your short essay of technical science and the idea that you incur, you can start writing. Remember, first, to draw up a ladder to organize the key concepts which then amplify in your process. Remember to follow the pattern you have indicated you (thesis-antithesis-synthesis) and to write down where you want to insert quotations from the dossier. At the time of writing, it will be very useful not to lose your train of thought and not forget anything.

Keep in mind that this particular type usually processed is used to demonstrate resolve, clarify or explain something. This means that every time you mention a source to validate the basic theory, you do not just bring it coldly, but you try to explain it, perhaps by resorting to practical examples. Not only to play a short sample of this type is the most important avoid becoming embroiled in speeches which you have no control. For this reason, when you choose the approach to be given to the material that you are given, try to pry chiefly on subjects of which you already know some technical knowledge in order to avoid making statements, which are not certain.

Eye to the language you’ll use: remember that, as in any short essay, the tone, and the style must remain as formal as possible, avoiding a conversational approach.

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